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The Great Wall culture tour fu wen can break through 'a climb it


Over the years, the Great Wall is perhaps the tourists "will go to" punch, but definitely not resort to repeatedly.Tickets for how to let the wall to get rid of the dependence, stimulate consumption, extend the tourists such as residence time, become the competent department of tourism and the Great Wall scenic spot operators are considering problems.Great Wall IP cash is still a long way and far, but can lend travel fu culture has become the industry consensus, the rest is how to do right things well.

The first "text + brigade" pathfinder

In April this year, "Beijing Great Wall culture protection development planning (2018-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"), a clear segmentation out of the city along the river, the commonplace, chrysanthemum, gubeikou road and Ma Lanlu five groups to protect the development.In five groups, gubei water town and the potential of the jinshanling Great Wall borrow capital, in recent years has quickly become the Great Wall the pathfinder of brigade fusion.

In gubei water town's slogan, "water town at the foot of the Great Wall", "" star town at the foot of the Great Wall can be seen," the Great Wall + water town "is the biggest selling point of this scenic spot.With the aid of water culture and simatai, gubei water town cost create types are available for visitors to watch experience tourism projects, to consolidate its boutique travel holiday destination positioning, such as night cruise on the Great Wall, the Great Wall lights show, uav kongmin light, yoga, etc.

As a whole, gubei water town town in an open, relatively complete facilities needed for daily life, has several star-rated hotels, boutique hotel accommodation as well as the characteristics of home stay facility.Core cultural connotation, and around the Great Wall scenic recreational business extension.In addition, millions of water town, investors also cooperate with longhu real estate property developers, to develop real estate projects "longhu, source of the Great Wall", proposed by property stocks money back quickly.

The need to pay attention to is that although the millions water town tourism economy, but has trained on the Great Wall cultural fusion in controversy.Cyts Tours, chief brand officer Xu Xiaolei pointed out that the Great Wall tour product layout, gubei water town in addition to the basic to climb the Great Wall, there are also back to simatai Great Wall theaters, developed a night cruise on the Great Wall and upgrade, and will be launched to repair the Great Wall to the Great Wall of topic content studies.

In the same group, jinshanling Great Wall also in promoting the tourism consumption forms integrated rich experience on holiday projects under the foot of kung fu."The Great Wall, golden hill alone show", recently with "on the Great Wall electric syllable" stunt, Yin and Yang festival be born jinshanling Great Wall.During the activity attracted a lot of electronic music lovers, also let the jinshanling Great Wall to earn the attention of young customers.

In the past two years, jinshanling has been perfect scenic spots, early introduction of banyan tree hotels and resorts, yue garden hotel brand, continue to tourist resort, explore diversified mode.The industry thinks, jinshanling Great Wall continues the festival activities, young customers, increase awareness and exposure of scenic spots, on the development direction and the operation mode, become a new breakthrough, brigade fusion.But otherwise, according to people familiar with the jinshanling brigade project is still not perfect, absorb guest, jin li is not strong enough, and requires a significant investment in the process of transformation, the future in terms of popularity and capital could face a lot of pressure.

Explore the dislocation assures

As is known to all, the Great Wall culture mainly includes three key, namely, culture, with "" the Great Wall.Vice President of Great Wall society allocates funding, points out that the single ticket from the economic point of view, other basic is impossible to transcend the badaling Great Wall group, but the consumer demand for tourism is more in terms of experience, vacation, travel the Great Wall group should form their own characteristics, to seek long-term development.To this end, Beijing commercial daily reporter also on-site visit more focus on the Great Wall scenic spots, to understand different Great Wall group's development path and the challenge.

In many famous Great Wall, badaling Great Wall called "YuGuan barrier" because of the open the earliest time, has the most famous, perennial occupy Great Wall scenic area visitor Numbers at the top.Data shows, the badaling Great Wall 2018 tourists up to more than 990.Lots of lucrative passenger flow at the same time, the bearing capacity of scenic spots in exam, safe hidden trouble, and such problems as poor tourist experience is becoming more and more highlighted.For this purpose, the badaling Great Wall scenic area since June 1 this year, began to implement the network real-name ticket booking, and try out in a single volume control, maximum daily capacity of 65000 m.

As a representative of the Great Wall scenic spots, the earliest in badaling Great Wall scenic area development, operation mode and cultural experience, etc., as standard reference other Great Wall scenic area development, and form.But after years of development, the badaling Great Wall scenic area still rely mainly on the Great Wall sightseeing tickets for the economy, in terms of cultural development, the lack of national high levels of the Great Wall museum, exhibition hall and other cultural carrier, lack of bring tourists to hear, to see, can participate in fresh cultural forms.In addition, the industry of the badaling Great Wall culture research is relatively fragmented, folk custom, non-material cultural aspects of the research and extension are lacking.